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Ricky Saikaley - , ,
Hi Boys, it's been awhile. Love the idea that you now have a web site. Now you have to start showing your customers your business through pictures, lots of pictures and even cars that you have built in the know what I'm talking about. Your not just a community garage, your a hidden treasure with wealth of mechanicial automotive genious, in all areas truly bumper to bumper.

Marlene - ottawa, ontario, canada
Thank you guys once again for providing me with exceptional service.
Andrew Saikaley - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John Andrews - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Nick and Albert, I just stumbled on your new website looking for your phone number again. Good idea. I just wanted to say that I whole-heartedly appreciate everything you guys have done for me over the years with the various cars I've owned. I used to live around the corner and it was a godsend to find good, honest, accomodating mechanics who go above and beyond service-wise. Ok, now I'm gonna call you. John Andrews
Cassandra W. - Ottawa, ON, Canada
I have been going to Nick and Albert for probably 20 years now. I LOVE THEM!!! They are fair, knowledgeable and very accommodating! I can call them with a problem and we will try and work it out on the phone and if not they ALWAYS say "bring it by and we will have a look". LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys and their garage!! I recommend them to everyone!
Janine - Chelsea, Quebec,
These guys are the best! I've been taking my car here for over six years for a variety of services. As a woman, it's comforting to have complete faith that your mechanics are honest and take good care of your vehicle. Thanks Dirienzo & Saikaley!
Sylvie - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thank you so much for taking the time to offer up a second opinion by phone. I may not be able to bring my vehicle in due to a change in my location but I take any opportunity to direct people to you. Continued success fellas and to perhaps visiting you again in future :)
Agostino - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thank you guys for working on my car today you guys are the best Take care
Tim - Saskatoon , ,
At the suggestion of my hostess, I took my rental in for a diagnosis. Although I did not have an appointment, I was quickly accommodated by Nick... long story, short, it was one of the best customer service encounters I have had... OUTSTANDING! Thank you, Nick.
Taunia Curtis - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thank you to Albert and Nick for your outstanding service and help with our various cars over the years. I must have started bringing my cars to you 20 years ago and it's always a pleasure. Chris and I really appreciate your friendliness and efficiency and frankly, we don't know how you keep doing it so well! Hardly surprising that your business is built on reputation and word-of-mouth. That's how we found you!